Second courses


  • Truffled lamb medallions
  • Lamb chops with pistachios and pecorino cheese
  • Prosciutto e melone
  • Prosciutto e fichi
  • Veal rolls with mustard, Trevino lettuce and apples


  • Shrimp in cornmeal crust
  • Shrimps on chickpeas puree
  • Anchovy gratin
  • Octopus salad
  • Grilled cuttlefish and shrimps
  • Mullets and leek stew
  • Mullets in white wine sauce
  • Braised sturgeon in red wine sauce


  • Duck breast with spices
  • Chicken rolls with speck and cheese


  • Vegetarian cous cous
  • Bulghur, quinoa and vegetables
  • Stuffed tomatoes