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15 Aprile, 2010 21:23

About me..

Hi! My name is Raffaele, most of my friends and family call me Lele, as such the 'la cucina di Lele' subtitle to this website, which roughly translates as 'Lele's kitchen'.

So where did it start? I first experimented with cooking when I was working in Greece and had an apartment instead of the usual hotel room, starting with pastas and roast chicken.

I didn't really start cooking until I married Sonia. She told me she would cook me an omelette for breakfast, which ended up as scrambled eggs. That's when I realized I'd better roll up my sleeves and get into the kitchen! ;-)

We called the whole family over for the next Christmas eve dinner which involved a marathon 12 hour cooking session (and some hilarious moments with Sonia as sous chef) and served up a pretty decent meal consisting of highly complex fish based dishes...albeit we decided to move the next family Christmas eve dinner right back to my sister's! I still lend a hand for the Christmas eve preparations there or else cook for the Christmas lunch at my mom's.

Got watching the cooking channels a few years ago (Gambero Rosso) and tried my hand at a few dishes which Sonia (good wife that she is) proclaimed brilliant. I then enrolled for a couple of courses with the cooking school of the magazine Cucina Italiana.

I cook for Sonia every day, not every day do I churn out something really special but there are a few days when she sits down to dinner, looks at her plate... and runs for the camera! She is my toughest critic and my greatest fan.

I also cook for friends and family who come over.

Dreams? Would like to do an 'Order a chef' where I take orders for parties or special occassions, buy the groceries and actually cook for people in their homes. SOME day if Sonia and I manage to find a little place outside Milan we may open a small restaurant...

Meanwhile, I'm sticking to my day job! ;-)

But look forward to your encouragement for this website (which I have constructed all by myself! ANOTHER hobby!) and receiving your suggestions. This is a work in progress and I hope to add new content more often. Sonia has also promised me that she will correct my English on some of the recipes but in the meanwhile, do bear with my Italian English! I hope you enjoy this and actually try some of the recipes!!