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Chicken rolls with speck and cheese

4 1 h Easy


  • Chicken breast (sliced)
  • Speck or parma ham
  • Cheese (sliced or singles)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt


  • Slightly beat the meat to make it thin.
  • Fill the meat with one slice of speck or parma ham and a slice of cheese.
  • Roll the meat and close it with a toothpick.
  • Fry the meat all around on a high fire, then cover and cook for 10-15 minutes an a low flame.
  • When done, remove the toothpicks, slice and serve with a fresh salad or sauté vegetables.

You can use also turkey, veal escalopes or beef. I suggest the chicken...


Speck is a distinctively juniper-flavored ham originally from Tyrol, a historical region that since 1918 partially lies in Austria and partially in Italy. Speck's origins at the intersection of two culinary worlds is reflected in its synthesis of salt-curing and smoking..Speck is ubiquitous in the local cuisine of the province of Bolzano-Bozen, and is also found in the Austrian, Czech, Dutch, Croatian, German, Italian and Slovak cuisines. Tissue-thin slices of speck can also be served with horseradish, pickles and dark rye bread studded with raisins and nuts, a more Austrian-influenced presentation. Typically appearing in pastas, in risotto, on pizzas, and alongside hearty whole-grain breads, speck can also be seen in the company of shellfish, sometimes wrapped around scallops or rolled about breadsticks and served with lobster salad. Speck can be cut into thick strips and added to pasta sauces or any dish beginning with a soffritto of olive oil and chopped vegetables. In dishes like risotto, the extremely strong flavour of speck can usually be cut with light flavours such as parsley, lemon, mint, etc. In salads, speck pairs well with apples, sprouts, mushrooms, and hearts of celery. Speck can easily replace bacon or as a smoky alternative to Pancetta. The differences between speck and bacon include different time lengths of smoking, the technique of curing it, and the fact that speck cures for a longer period of time than bacon does.



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