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valle_aostaThe cuisine of the Valle d'Aosta, the small, bilingual, mountainous area on the borders between France, Switzerland, and Italy, often reflects the influence of its much bigger neighbors, though it still manages to offer some unique specialties to tempt visitors to the region. The antipasti (starters) include the very delicate "lardo di Arnad," cured pork fat served thinly sliced on rye bread and often accompanied by boiled chestnuts or a few drops of honey. It is produced exclusively in the village of the same name. Thanks to its alpine pastures, Valle d'Aosta is obviously famous for its cheeses, including Toma and Robiola. Though perhaps the most famous (and most used) cheese is Fontina, star of "fonduta" (cheese fondue) and the flavor behind first courses such as "zuppa valpellinentse" (layers of Fontina, wholemeal bread, and cabbage soaked in broth) and "polenta alla valdostana," polenta oozing with Fontina and butter, as well as risotto and pasta dishes. It is also combined with slices of veal and Prosciutto cotto, which are coated with breadcrumbs and fried for a tasty main course. Another popular main courses is "carbonade," a variety of beef stew that uses salted beef, lots of onions, and red wine. "Civet" is a method for serving various types of meat, including kid, hare and venison, in which the meat is marinated in red wine and herbs, fried quickly and sprinkled with grappa. To wind up your meal, you can share a "grolla dell'amiciza," hand-carved cups of liquor-laced coffee whose multiple spouts ensure you savor the steaming beverage in a convivial manner!


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