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Marche Food from the mountains and the sea

The Marche region has so much to offer tourists that it seems bound to become "the next Tuscany": historical hill towns such as Urbino, Fermo and Macerata, medieval fortresses like San Leo, the elegant Adriatic resorts of Pesaro, Fano and Senigallia, the wild beauty of the Monti Sibillini National Park are just some of the highlights of a trip around the region. Its cuisine is also an enticement, offering both land and sea-based specialties to delight your palate. On the coast you can try the fish soups; one famous recipe is "Brodetto di Porto Recanati," which is made with cod, dogfish, grey mullet, squid, sole, onions and a hint of saffron. The version known as "Brodetto di Ancona" also has onions, though it is thicker and there is no saffron. To stay on a fish theme, salt cod is another specialty: one of the famous recipes is "Stocafisso all’anconetana," where the fish is baked with potatoes, tomatoes and white wine. A famous first course is "Vincisgrassi," layers of baked lasagna with meat sauce and béchamel, which is often made with the addition of truffles, another Marche treasure. The mountain-based cuisine obviously focuses on meat, with rabbit and lamb casserole-style dishes featuring prominently, though "porchetta," roast suckling-pig, is perhaps the biggest treat for meat lovers. The town of Ascoli Piceno is famous for its "Olive all’ascolana," green olives stuffed with ground meat, coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. This delightful combination can serve as a starter, snack or, if you really adore them, a whole meal!


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