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When summer is over and fall is beckoning, our thoughts turn to dishes that are more substantial than the light, fresh salads and grilled vegetables and meat we enjoyed so much during the hot days of August. It is a good time to visit the region of Friuli, which positively abounds in hearty traditional recipes for comforting soups and warming stews. You won’t find much pasta here, but delicious first-course alternatives include a bean and barley soup ("minestra di fagioli e orzo") and gnocchi made with semolina in a rich broth ("gnochetti di gries in brodo"). For the main course, polenta reigns supreme, accompanied by pork, cheese or "squazeto alla friulana," a lamb casserole. Another hearty dish you can try is the famous "jota friulana," a thick stew made with beans, meat and cabbage. "Brovada" is the name given to the unique side dish made from turnip fermented in wine and cooked in broth or lard. It is usually served with "muset," the traditional Friulian "cotechino," (a sort of large pork sausage) or with a platter of boiled meat. The desserts reflect the influence of Central Europe, with rich, fruit- and nut-filled cakes such as "gubana," a strudel-like pastry stuffed with walnuts, dried figs, pine nuts and raisins, "prèsniz" and "potiza," both of which are cakes made with a rich pastry and a filling of nuts, chocolate and breadcrumbs.



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