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Emilia Romagna

A foodie's heaven

For its size, the Italian region of Emilia has given the world more gastronomic delights than any other - anywhere. Parmigiano cheese, Parma ham, balsamic vinegar are probably its best-known contributions, though bolognese sauce (known in Italy as "rag├╣"), egg pasta (here known as "sfoglia"), and filled pasta varieties such as "tortellini" and "ravioli" have all made their mark on the international scene. However, Emilia holds out lots of other delicacies that have still to be discovered outside of Italy. Interesting alternatives to Parma ham include "Salama da sugo," from the town of Ferrara, made from pork meat with spices and red wine, "Mortadella," a spicy sausage from the city of Bologna, "Culatello," exquisite and costly cured pork, and "Coppa," a pork sausage from Piacenza. Accompany them with "gnocco fritto," crisp squares of fried dough, and you'll be enjoying Emilia's best antipasti. First courses promise all the best of Emilian cooking, rich "pasta sfoglia" made with eggs and durum flour, in the form of "tagliatelle" or "pappardelle" served with meat or cream sauces. Or else in the form of filled pasta shapes, such as "cappelletti" served in a delicate broth from the town of Reggio Emilia, or "tortelli di zucca," with a pumpkin filling, or "ravioli" filled with ricotta and spinach, or Parma ham, or mushrooms or other delicious variations. Or "pasta al forno" such as lasagna with bolognese sauce... In short, you should have plenty of choices when it comes to this stage of the meal. Assuming you still have room, you can then go on to typical main course dishes such as "costolette alla bolognese," breaded veal cutlets stuffed with Parma ham and cheese, or "fritto misto," a wide variety of meat and vegetables fried in batter. To round off the meal, and at this stage who cares about the calories, "zuppa inglese" is a sort of trifle that will serve to convince you that Emilia is a foodie's paradise.










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