Easy Italian food


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6 Febbraio, 2011 13:09

First courses


The pasta can be considered one of the most characteristic and typical products of the Italian cuisine. Through all the higher consumption food is certainly the most versatile and can be successfully combined with meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products.Lot of recipes can be performed with relative ease, speed and the cost is relatively cheap considering how much is appreciated and nutritious.



Rice is used to make many different preparations like salads, soups, first courses,side dishes and sometimes desserts The most famous praparation is the "Risotto", it is rice cooked in an aromatic saute of onion and butter and then cooked in boiling broth which can be stock,vegetable,fish depending on the praparation. You must feel any single grain of rice while chewing but at the same time all the grain must be combined in a nice creamy and almost dense mix.