Easy Italian food

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This is a commonly used herb that adds a clove like aroma and pungent taste to tomatoes, squash, cabbage, beans, pasta, poultry or seafood. Leaves vary in color from green to red-purple. Leaf size also varies, ranging from small common basil leaves to the larger leaves of lettuce leaf basil.
Spicy, strong and fragrant, rosemary goes well in beef, pork, lamb and veal dishes. Thread through chicken breasts and grill. It enhances cauliflower, potatoes, eggplant and peas.
A common seasoning in meat, poultry and cheese dishes, sage has gray green leaves with a pebbly surface. Suggest cooks use sage sparingly, as the musty taste can be overpowering.
This herb is used as a spicy addition to season meat or poultry stuffing. When preparing game birds or roasts, thyme often is rubbed over the meat to season it.
Most commonly seen as a garnish, parsley adds a mild, sweet flavor to foods. It frequently is added to French, Italian and Greek dishes. Parsley can be chopped and added to soups, vegetables, meats and sandwich fillings. Two types of parsley are those with curly, fringed leaves, and Italian parsley, which has flat leaves. Flat leaf is preferred for cooking.
Generally used to season Italian, Greek and Spanish dishes, oregano has a warn, aromatic scent and robust taste. It uses include seasoning soups, stews, meat pies, pasta sauces and shellfish.But especially used on pizzas.
Sweet marjoram is a strong accenting herb used in egg dishes, soups, vegetables or on lamb. Its taste is similar to oregano, only milder. Like basil, marjoram is a member of the mint family.
A mild, onion flavored herb, chives will enhance the flavor of almost any savory dish. Sprinkle liberally over fish, chicken, egg dishes or a steaming baked potato. Chives enhance almost any buttered vegetable such as carrots, beans, sweet corn, squash, peas, cauliflower or mushrooms.
Arugula (Rocket)
Also known as roquette, this Mediterranean salad plant is a member of the mustard family. Arugula has a peppery taste that compliments such Mediterranean foods as olives, garlic, tomatoes, peppers and olive oil.
The anise-parsley-celery flavor of dill goes well with fish, vegetables, soups and salads. It also compliments poached salmon and potato salad. Crown dill, a stronger tasting item, is used for making pickles while baby dill is primarily a seasoning. Dill plants have feathery leaves. When purchased fresh, plants should be selected on the basis of their resemblance to fresh salad greens. Dill seed also is a popular seasoning item